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A Journey in Tuscany


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Microcosmi dei luoghi
15,0 x 21,0 cm

The geothermal road from the Val di Cecina to the Amiata.

A Journey in Tuscany

A Journey in Tuscany

The geothermal road from the Val di Cecina to the Amiata

Welcome to geothermal territory, where the earth is warm and the wisps of steam standing out on the horizon mingle with the Tuscan landscape in an intriguing and sometimes unsettling marriage, allowing you to embark on adventurous journeys. To guide you through the various possibilities, as Dante Alighieri put it, I will, undeservedly and only for a while, be your “Virgil”, taking you through Inferno, pointing out the characters and holding out the mysteries.

After travelling roads built on the ancient pilgrim paths of those who, on their way to Rome, went from castle to castle, abbey to abbey, you’ll stop to admire the towns and villages that have, for more than three thousand years, bound themselves inextricably to the unique and inimitable landscape and environment.

Ingenuity, at the service of need and human ambition, has integrated itself into the territory here, allowing for the development of didactic trails aimed at sustainability and environmental education. Bringing to life new models for economic development with excellent standards of living.

Disponibile anche in italiano come Un viaggio in Toscana

Microcosmi dei luoghi

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