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edited by Marco Firmati, Andrea Granchi, Francesca Petrucci

Maremma · Landscape 1870–2020


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Microcosmi delle arti
23,0 x 28,0 cm
978-88-5524-275-2 9788855242752

Exhibition catalog. Saturnia, Polo Culturale Pietro Aldi, 27 June 2021 – 9 January 2022. Grosseto, Polo Culturale Le Clarisse, 1 July – 29 August 2021.

Maremma · Landscape 1870–2020

Maremma · Landscape 1870–2020

The landscape – produced by the action of nature and of human hands – is, more than elsewhere, the protagonist in Maremma. Here the very sparse human presence, from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century, fostered and spread the image of a desolate, untamed land, as described by Dante in the Inferno (XIII, 2-8), which endured to the threshold of the twentieth century. Since the late nineteenth century, thanks also to the containment of malaria, Maremma has distinctly softened its softened its harsh character, which nonetheless had attracted the first Romantic travellers in search of the early Etruscan inhabitants. Now it offers a variety of landscapes – from sea to rivers to lagoon, from the coast to the plain and hills – where human intervention can be seen, luckily, more in the works of agriculture than in urban, industrial, or infrastructural development. Colours and atmospheres of this Maremma, no longer wild and unwelcoming but now gentle and populated since the close of the nineteenth century, are portrayed in diverse accents and techniques by artists who were born and lived here or who – today – love this land. Beginning with the life studies, some never before shown to the public, by Pietro Aldi – who, faithful to his academic training was essentially a history painter, but transposed into it his beloved Maremman landscape – we come to the contemporary masters who depict equally effectively this land, gentle and wild, seacoast, mountains, and fields.

Disponibile anche in italiano come Maremma · Paesaggi 1870–2020

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