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Fiora Bonelli

The Magic of Amiata


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14,0 x 21,0 cm
978-88-5524-186-1 9788855241861

Discovering the area

The Magic of Amiata

The Magic of Amiata

Discovering the area

Our community of enchanted villages, which are gathered around the inactive volcano of mount Amiata, had been described and immortalised by poets and glorious writers.

Because of Its being sacred mountain of Etruscan; powerful centre, both aristocrat and religious, during the medieval period; midway between Florence and Rome; homeland of a long epic rural and mining traditions, house of the prophet David Lazzaretti, strong religious symbol of the 19th century; green lung and heart of Italy…

A land rich of history, art and legend, where the domineering nature is at your fingertips. Where there are a lot of places to see and discover: cultural heritage, folklore and culinary traditions.

A paradise that we want to enhance and show through this little guide, with the aim of informing and make people curious about, introducing cultural values and beauty: the reason of a visit.

Massimo Galli
Presidente Unione Comuni Montani Amiata Grossetana

Disponibile anche in italiano come Amiata incantata

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