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Valentina Pierguidi, Raffaella Smaghi

Trekking itineraries in Val d’Orcia


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12,00 x 22,0 cm

A small guide to the Val d'Orcia, an easy tool to back up excursions, a sort of business card of the territory.

Trekking itineraries in Val d’Orcia

Trekking itineraries in Val d’Orcia

The planning and creation of this booklet on the Val d’Orcia paths is in line with a broader program where the territory is involved, thanks to the Management Plan of the Val d’Orcia UNESCO site. This small guide was created with the belief that walking is the best way to get to know a place and it can also be a system for promoting the cultural, environmental and historical value of the area, connected to a type of tourism with low environmental impact. A way to implement concrete sustainable mobility for the environment which becomes a universal value by enhancing the relationship between man and nature.
Walking you can see details that otherwise could not be grasped: animal tracks, the signs of history, plants and flowers, landscapes and sceneries. A system of paths, which by restoring old tracks favors connections to reach farms with typical local products and the people of the area for mutual exchange and enrichment.
During any season you can walk through Val d’Orcia searching for the most appropriate itinerary by length and degree of difficulty, by speed and most suitable pace. You will appreciate this land any month of the year for its changing hues and it will surprise you with its sudden changes which will always be enchanting. This brochure is only a summary of the many paths and trails you can discover in this valley. The environmental guides who have created it have devised an easy tool to back up excursions, a sort of business card of the territory which can also accompany you on the journey back home. Be informed before you start off, it’s not always possible to return to the departure point by public transport.
To all of you…have a nice trek!

Photography  Umberto Bindi, Emiliano Battisti,  Saverio Del Giudice, Raffaella Smaghi, Andrea Valenti

Translated by Ingrid B. Frick Loli

Disponibile anche in italiano come A piedi in Val d’Orcia

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